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The Triple S Fabric Keeper Program

Keeping your office interior looking new is no longer a problem. Triple S® has developed a complete textile maintenance system for commercial upholstery, fabric wall panels and partitions The Triple S Fabric Keeper program is the first of its kind, and has been extremely successful at keeping fabrics looking cleaner longer and at reducing costly replacements. Along with full, regular maintenance programs, we offer all services “on call” for those who prefer seasonal cleaning.

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The Fabric Keeper Features at a Glance

On-Site Upholserty Cleaning
The Fabric Keeper Features at a Glance
Planned cleaning frequencies for all fabrics and leather
Periodic inspections and spot cleaning
Repairs, restoration and replacement
Vacuum units and clean bases
Emergency on-call service
The most advanced cleaning and spotting techniques for leather
Furniture, partitions and panels never look soiled
Furnishings stay newer-looking longer
Best cleaning methods for upholstery and partition cleaning
Avoids  premature, costly replacements
3 year budget pricing available
All technicians are certified & are employees of Triple S Inc.